Does the HSS limit my styles all or would it still be pretty versatile? Fender Strat HSS vs SSS; Hi There! I made these two renders to have a comparison between the ominfreaker HSS shader and the new AoA SSS Shader that is available since a view days. I have SSS strats, an HSS Jag, and all kinds of HH and SS guitars. SSS I have a very on/off love/hate relationship with. 8K Views. Guitar: Fender American Deluxe Strat (2005). is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Fender Standard Stratocaster HSH has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. Thread starter filip_dinev; Start date Aug 11, 2009; 1; 2; Next. The big difference between HH and SSH or SSS is the "quack" you'll get with the middle pickup in combination with the bridge or neck. The HSS Jag is one of my favorites, but only after I installed a push/pull pot to coil split the humbucker. And it’s the decisions you make right now, not the habits of the past, that will shape your success in the future." Talk with your fellow tone freaks on the web's liveliest (and friendliest!) Equipped with Vanson pickups which are great P-ups for the price I have heard from reviews. It's so noticeable that you think something is wrong. I can now get all the sounds of an SSS from my HSS as well as a few of my favorite sounds from my HH guitars. (If you don't need that typical strat type sound, then HH might do you just fine.) You can also get HSS and SSH configurations, which give you a few more options. The HSS guitars are available in the same seven finishes as the SSS Strats, while the HSH electrics come in three colors: Tobacco Burst, Sage Green Metallic and Buttercream. You will have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. filip_dinev New Member. There's not. 1 of 2 Go to page. It's an obscene amount of money to spend on pickups but they work very, very well. Tech experts from Seymour Duncan are regularly on this forum, and are clearly labeled as employees of Seymour Duncan. HH config with two push/pull DPDT switches for split coils on both pickups is the best option, IMO. Now, if I was only allowed one guitar a HSS Strat might be it. So I am asking again with its own subject line so I … The great thing is If I want to play any bluesy sounding stuff or clean I put it in 4th position and it sounds like a totally different guitar. I may play a little country on it but most likely I'll use my acoustic when I'm in the country mood. The JBE Two-Tone humbuckers are designed to split-coil without dropping the output of the pickup in half and defeating the hum-cancelling (which is what you get with any other split humbuckers). Leo designed his guitars with single coil pickups for a reason, and Fender guitars should stay that way. The HSH, you get the kind of straty sounds in positions 2 and 4. SSH I assume you mean, where the humbucker is in the bridge. HSS vs UbS vs SSS vs DZdefault vs UberSS. HSS vs SSS shader comparison. Fender strat SSS vs HSS configuration. Hard work is obligatory. before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I would love a MIA if I stumbled across a good deal used, but new is out of my range and I'm leery of ordering used guitars without seeing or playing them first. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lefty guitar in this range. SSS are Ultra Vintage Noiseless and the HSS Ultra Modern Noiseless. ...I like to use as few effects as possible and the paf with moderate gain gives me a great classic rock tone.. September 2015 in The Commons. In a Strat, SSS absolutely. Stratocaster SSS vs HSS/HH I've been playing guitar for about 15 years, and have owned various guitars over that time. I have SSS and HSS. Ive always thought that the HSS would give me more flexibility with the JTV having the options modeling when I … 37 Comments. We hope you become a regular here! These models are priced at $649.99 (maple fretboard) and $674.99 (pau ferro fretboard). The SSS and HSS have different neck and middle pickups. HH vs. HSS. Main Stratocaster Guitar Discussion Forum, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. This is excellent help. this particular 90 dollar one is cheaper because of a small dent on it. I like blues as well. I've been loking for a versatile guitar, and I wasn't able to find any HSH guitars, (One for like 2k.) I normally prefer HH or SSS. It is appreciated. WillowRaven Posts: 2,882. Is there a major difference? Love the brightness, bite and snap/twang but sometimes feel they're wimpy n thin when I want to get down n dirty. – Bradd Szonye Jun 24 '14 at 20:33 HSS mean s that the guitar, again usually a Strat, but it could be a tele or really anything else, has a single coil pickup in the neck position, a single coil pickup in the middle position, and a … most humbuckers are straight plug and jam, single coils can have some wicked screaming tones if dialed in right but it really does take an ear that can hear what is over powering and what is lacking then you dial it all in to a nice … Aug 11, 2009 #1. My budget will most likely be in the $400 - $650 range. Should music style or taste be a factor in that decision? A HB won't have that, but in an HSS config you'll still have that when the HB isn't being engaged. On a HSS, the humbucker is straight, but on the SSS version, the bridge single coil is angled, and i think the bass half of the pickup would be too far forward to accommodate the single coil into a humbucker route without routing the body. Go. Other HSH-HSS This page shows products that are compatible with guitars that have HSH pickup configurations. I prefer a humbucker of some sort in the bridge, anything else sounds thin to my ears, but a single coil in the neck or a clear humbucker is great. Lose the straty sounds of the positions 2 and 4. Unfortunately the used scene in my area hasn't looked to promising. - Janek Gwizdala. if you are just switching from an acoustic, any strat is going to be easy to play. To contact the forum owner hit the Contact Us link. you can dial in a sss strat to sound evil as all sin, but it takes time and ears.. when it comes to grit. Short pots are appropriate for guitars where the pots and switch mount to a thin material such as a pickguard or control plate, while long pots will be needed in rear-routed guitars, where the pot’s threaded bushing must be long enough to pass through the guitar’s top. FEATURES The Fender Player Stratocaster HSH starts with a classic combination of an alder body and maple neck, with the body being hand-shaped to Fender’s original specs, making it even more sleekly contoured for player comfort.What’s different is the fingerboard is now Pau Ferro. SSS mean that the guitar, most likely a Stratocaster, has three single coil pickups on it. Thanks. The HSH’s neck-position Alnico Pro-II comes loaded with Alnico 2 magnets and a 7.5k output for more of a vintage delivery. This page was generated at 03:29 AM. Zerberus Industries: Where perfection just isn't good enough. Its warmer tone sounds great for jazzy stuff and blues noodling when you kick in some overdrive. I prefer SSS or H I'm not thrilled with the HSS or HSH models I've heard. All times are GMT-8. I've asked this before, but it must have been in a thread under a different subject because I can't find it now. select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. link above. tone forum. By darkhound1 Watch. But there are a few versions to choose from: The SSS features three single-coil pickups like the original Stratocaster. Just wanna ask wat diff does it make if a guitar have HSS OR SSS OR HSH.....i mean they are all friend just look down on guitar with HSS configuration say tat HH are better.....i don see any different....a wise man once told me,to get the rite sound does not necessary from ur guitar,the amp play part any1 wanna debate on this This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Fender Standard Stratocaster HSH but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. So you can have HSH, HSS, SSH, and SSS all in one guitar. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Since I have more than one guitar, I feel like I don't have to try to combine things (which I tried for a while--to see if I could find something unique that I enjoyed, but never did). I will def have to try out the HSS when I start shopping as zz top and acdc are both among my favorites. So, which should you choose, and how do they compare in sound and performance? For example, the HSS gives you extra power on the bridge pickup for stuff like punk power chords, while the neck and mid are single coils for more expressive playing. ). If so I'll be wanting to play classic and modern style rock, but not much really heavy metal. My personal impression is they try to do two things less well than one or the other. A few more models have hit the scene in the past year as well, the HH and HSH. Isn't the humming also eliminated with switch in 2 & 4 position on SSS? On the left side is the HSS shader, on th right side the SSS … They probably will play roughly the same, though, a humbucker is worlds different from a single coil. What is the diff in sound on HSS vs SSS? Joined: Sep 17, 2008 Messages: 634 Likes Received: 241. Re: SSS vs HSS Příspěvek od kmensik » 20.07.2012 14:57 Rocky_MK píše: Se singly se dá hrát metal a hard rock úplně stejně, jako s humbuckery jazz, blues a ovčáci, čtveráci na clean. All are welcome, from seasoned pros to absolute beginners. Till recently I had a HHH (jb jnr, duckbucker, lil 59) and that was a great guitar to! A key disadvantage of SSS is the 50/60 (UK/US) cycle hum issue that is just part of owning a Strat. 140 Favourites. SS vs. SSS vs. HSS vs. HSH vs. SSH vs. HH vs. HS vs. SH, Re: SSS vs. HSS vs. HSH vs. SSH vs. HH vs. HS vs. SH. Next Last. I got my cash together and have settled on jtv69 I am wondering about the pros and cons of going the HSS pick ups over the SSS pick-ups. You may have to register Can you give some more good recognizable examples of SSS sounds? Whether the guitar is HSS, HSH, S/H or H/S, if the two types of pickups are mixed, this crap occurs: Problem #1 is that when you switch to the single-coil, there's a huge volume drop. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > maxime1122 Active Member. check out the FAQ by clicking the Aug 11, 2009 #1. Discussion in 'Guitars' started by maxime1122, Feb 25, 2013. "Patience is key. Re: SSS vs. HSS vs. HSH vs. SSH vs. HH vs. HS vs. SH A pair of good humbuckers like a '59N/Custom bridge combination, along with coil taps for both should be quite versatile for most styles. Very versatile. An alternative is to go for a Strat with noiseless p/ups but arguably these … No idea why, the only clue is that the HSS pickups are hotter and designed to match with the DoubleTap bridge pickup which is a coil and a bit in full mode and a whole coil that was the bit in split mode. I just want to be well informed when I by my first electric guitar and strat. Discussion in 'Stratocaster Discussion Forum' started by Agent00Vic, Sep 6, 2011. Not as clear if we choose 250k or 500k pots here. I was originally looking at the squire cvs but have been leaning toward the MIM standards, which can be readily found new in my area for around $499. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The guitar strings I use: versus Fat Strat - which pickup configuration do you prefer in a Fender Stratocaster? To start viewing messages, They are here to help. Of the combinations mentioned I have only used HSS, and even there I have to decide which concept I use - unsplit low output humbucker or split higher output humbucker. hss is what i would lean towards for you, now please dont get me wrong. Re: SSS vs. HSS vs. HSH vs. SSH vs. HH vs. HS vs. SH I like the classic S/S/S, or the same with a bridge humbucker, for the specific reason that a split humbucker, or a tapped humbucker, or a parallel HB, or split HBer coils on at the same time through a super switch, simply doesn't nail the sound of a Fender type SC alone, or in notch positions with other pickups. The HH can you can go with all 500k pots for the humbuckers. Anyway, post the link and i'll tell you what i think. Hey guys ! If this is your first visit, be sure to And there's also HHX which is bridge and middle buckers with no neck pickup, see the Kramer Nightswans. Please excuse another rookie question. The HSS model adds in a humbucker for thicker, heavier sounds. The first one gives you a good tonal balance at the expense of the #4 position (#1 = … Until recently I had always played bass in bands so never paid a huge amount of attention to the tone of my guitars, but that's changed now and I've suddenly realised I have a problem. Hello. I understand enough to know the humbuckers Eliminate the 60c hum, but what about the sound? Thanks for the reply and encouragement.
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